Thursday, March 31, 2011

getting slow

these few days i ignore my blog =___=

i just dont know what should i write...

lately the weather is really hot till i wish i can walk around in my house just wearing singlet and hot pants but if my neighbour saw i dress like that...

I scare they will get heart attack OTL

oh well,to cool me off me,i post a picture of hazuki kei when he was still a shota XD (long time i didnt post anything about kei-kun )

a picture of him reading a story book inside a church.

all shota lover,enjoy~~ =p

Monday, March 28, 2011



Ok,most of my artwork i did put my signature on it but since i totally forgot to put at the latest artwork (due i was rushing to finish it up) no need to say "please put watermark so people wont steal and bla bla bla"

I'm aware about that...

stealing other stuff is normal in the world of internet,if dont want to get stolen,dont bother putting in the internet,keep it for yourself.


i know its my fault for not putting my signature on it.

but dont make it like a big deal D<

p.s:sorry if someone kinda pissed off coz of this post
     since i did said,this is my place,so i have my own right to post anything that i want
     i need someplace to release all my tension and stress and also prob


Sunday, March 27, 2011


yesterday me and my Buffllama group went to university nottingham,semenyih for our first doujin booth debuted.

Ok,the campus is nice,they even have a lake in there and duck were walking around 8D
the hall is small a bit but since not a lot of people were attending the event so,its ok (plus our booth were near with air conditioner =p )

we arrived at there around 9.15 am like that,we straight away set up our booth (we using a cute cow printed table cloth 8D )

below is some of my product that i were selling

touhou mug finished product

Touhou bookamark finished product

Vocaloid,sailormoon and OC A4 poster finished product 

and i also cosplaying at there
this time i cosplay as tewi,credit to chiko,she lend me her tewi costume ^^

dirty feet is dirty,lol (ignored the feet)

hot day is hot especially walk outside under hot sun with bare feet only is not comfortable

my leg finger look weird O_o


Sakuya (WeN): see, Patchouli-sama, fresh air...*going to sleep*

Patchouli (Chiko): Erm...Sakuya don't you think someone is stalking us *point at the hand at the most right of the photo*

Tei (Aya): Kih3

 Patchouli (Chiko): ........ (why Sakuya didn't chase up yet ??)

Sakuya (WeN): UWAATT ?!?!? 

Tei (Aya): Boo!Play with me sakuya >D

tewi steal patchy book and glasses and act like an educated rabbit,lol

tewi and sakuya


and please visit my doujin group named Buffllamas 8D
we still new but we have our own website

Thursday, March 24, 2011

finally ^A^

at last,my pending touhou bookmark is finish,now left is to print it....

while in progress finishing it,i get sick and keep on puking...=_______=

the feeling after finish it..its..i can feel my stress slowly going down and i feel i can talk properly..just now the way i talk is horrible,i sound like someone just learn how to talk >.>

from left:  
koakuma,patchoulli,flandre,remilia,sakuya,tewi,reisen,marisa,reimu and cirno.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


why...why you hate me?


owh photoshop...u crashed on me like 3 times T^T

finally i managed to save every minute

so,the artwork is done =w=

i know the frame is unbalance and i forgot to do the nail OTL 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

new art

i noticed that these last post i been posting about my art and guess what?i going post another art right now also XDXD

This time is vocaloid,well,it still havent finish yet and I going to finish it by today since this is for vocaloid fan online magazine cover and the deadline is tomorrow (i actually totally forgot about this competition and focus on the other stuff)
at first i thinking want to draw miku but then i realize..most people draw miku so i going to draw other vocaloid,then i come up with imitation black theme,len,gakupo and kaito 8D but after that i drew len head bigger than the body proportion OTL so i scrap it and sketch a simple one,the kagamine twins

Still havent color it yet but here is the outline.

somehow i make rin cute at here and i hate len hair D< its hard to draw OTL

Friday, March 18, 2011

omg OAO

this is the first time i drew something straight using tablet,if not i will draw the outline manually then i scan it in the computer.I only use photoshop to color it not to draw on it.

But yesterday i interested to do some MEME at DA and i said "aahh..just draw it using tablet,if ugly dont do it"


Its somehow..the outcome look nice XDXD not really perfect and still messy but it look ok already ^^

ok~gotta practice draw using tablet after this >w<

Thursday, March 17, 2011

done and done

oh my, took me around 3 days to finish this...i will never use pencil color again...i need buy whole complete of copic marker...OTL

I cant really say that i am proud with the outcome...If only i have a completed color of copic then i wont use pencil color....Oh well,it still dont look too bad also ^^llll

Actually this is for one contest in DA.Gotta submit it soon.

Now,i can focus doin my touhou bookmark (still no progress on it)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

done the outline inking

Done with the outline inking yesterday,now the progress is I only managed to done the skin color only OTL
Never realize coloring using manually take a long time....and tired also... (already long time i havent color my artwork manually) 
Gonna use copic marker and pencil color to color it.I will try to finish it by this thursday.

Wish me luck 8D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting addicted hearing this current song

Starting last 2 days ago,i found out there is one vocaloid fanart competition and i decided to join it.But the art must using a dark wood circus theme.I never knew about it (since i not really a vocaoid fan) so i search at youtube and encounter this current PV

One word i can think right after i finish watching it

Awesome! and creepy too 8D

Since i am a fan of horror movie,this dark side of vocaloid,i really really love it so much =3=

I insert the video along,so anyone that is a horror fan or just interested to watch,be my guest ^^

There is actually 5 series of it (if i not mistaken)

With that,i got my inspiration and done sketching a dark wood circus fan art

its still a messy sketch,gonna color it manually soon.This is the first time i drew 7 people in one paper OTL
Hope i wont screw up 

character that is inside the artwork :Meiko,hatsune miku,kaito,rin and len,haku and neru.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i had a nightmare last night

i dont like last night dream...
seriously...i dont like it and i scare of it...

I dreamt that i was been chased with one stranger guy,this guy is big,tall and slightly dark,i cant see his eyes much
It begin when i enter a taxi and he is the driver,that time i want go to my friend house.while on the way to there,suddenly he stop the taxi and jump to the back seat (i was sitting at the back seat) he hold my hand,i try to escape but he's too strong,that moment i can see he was smiling and drool all over me.

Somehow i managed to escape and run away,i run as fast as i can,2-3 times he managed to hold my hand but eveytime he does that,i kick him away

Then i ran into one house and there are a lot people inside,i begging for them to help,one of the girl trust me and drag me inside and ask me to hide somewhere.

The bad guy just barged into the house and scream my name.i was afraid,really terrified...

the girl kept on saying that she doesnt know anyone and nobody enter her house but the bad guy said to her with a angry tone

"Dont lie to me,i can smell her from here!"

she try to push him out from the house but he punch me and she fall on the ground

Slowly he come to my place where i was hiding

"I can see you"

He said that with a evil smile on his face,i was too scared and dont know what to do,i just stay still there.He took out a small gun from his pocket and aim to me

"Bye bye little girl"

He pull the trigger and the last thing i remember all black out.

I woke up from my dream,i was sweating a lot,i look around my room and thank goodness...its just a dream...

I really dont like it...i dont like when i having a dream that i died...

Saturday, March 12, 2011



now i am totally bored...

I know i should draw the bookmark that is still empty laying next to me...

But i not in the mood to draw some fan art...

Should i take a nap? >.<

Should i play game? Dont feel playing it....

I so bored and somehow tired with my life...

I need a hug...i mean hug >.<

I noticed that whenever someone just suddenly hug me,i will shed to tears..

like last few years,one of my senior hug me when i was sitting alone in the dark,i suddenly cry for no reason...
maybe that explain to me that why i dont really like people hug me...

Because i will cry...

And i dont like crying...

Because it will make myself a weak girl...

I may act tough but i am fragile actually.............


pray for the people in tsunami and earthquake area safety

Yesterday i went out hanging out with some with my awesome friend.When i was waiting for my friend in the toilet,i saw the news showing some natural disaster but i cant see it well since its so far away.

Right after i reach home,my mom straight away call me to enter the house and watch the news.

Japan was strucked with tsunami and 8.9 magnitude earthquake (its more worst than when its happen to acheh)
The moment i saw that,i was worry about my friend that in japan,i hope they are alright >.<

This morning i know that one of my friend is safe but the others still..not sure T^T *pray pray*

I hope everyone in japan also will be alright....


Oh yeah,hadi,i hope you are happy with my simple birthday present and happy birthday 8D

You are getting old~

i also will getting old OTL

Thursday, March 10, 2011

screw it

as some of you that know me,i have a short list of 5 character i wan to cosplay this year,so i decided!

The first character i gonna cosplay is Cirno XDXD

Watashi wa tensai desu >D

Why cirno?i also cant give a specific answer right now XD at first i want to do the gender bender version but after looking at my budget i think i may skip it in the future (since i still want save money for my taokaka costume).

Baka baka baka baka baka baka baka~~

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yesterday i went outside and i encountered one comic magazine.Its still new,and suddenly i want to become one of the cartoonist for this magazine.

But the problem with me is...
I scare that my art skill is not enough to become a cartoonist,i know that i improve a lot these few years ( i LOL when i saw my old artwork)
What will happen if i try to send my portfolio and they rejected it?

I dont like the feeling getting reject...

But becoming a cartoonist is my dream since the day i found out that i love to draw comics...


*need get back finishing touhou bookmark...*

Monday, March 7, 2011

done 8D

I took few hours only to finish color the previous artwork,well,i gotta admit that this is the messy artwork i ever done,since i lazy to ink the outline...rub the guideline...OTL please forgive me...

And i on purpose color his hair pink!
Because,i remember someone tag me in facebook,a note to be exact.
In the note there is one question like this

"Would like he/she pink hair?"

So,i actually wan to troll but somehow...this guy look good in pink hair (what wrong with me?! >A< )

oh yeah,here is the pic,oh yeah,i added some black blood inside 8D

Friday, March 4, 2011

Need a break

After few weeks,i been drawing all about touhou only,suddenly i need to draw something else,so i browse back my art at my DA page,and i encountered one of my fav artwork.An idea just pop up in my head,so i quickly take paper and sketch it

Done around 15 minutes only,using pencil and photoshop to make it darker (or else i cant see what i draw)

"No matter how hard you try...
I cant let you go...
I love you so much"

And i not in love with someone right now >.< i always love to draw this kind of stuff 8D 

P.S:doubt anyone will like me OTL *emo at the corner*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fangirl of pico XD

Since last month,i had non stop fangirl whenever i heard pico voice.

Pico is a nico nico singer and finally he debuted as an official singer,weee~
I so amazed with his voice,his voice is small but powerful in the same time =3=

                                                              Pico major debut PV,Story

                                        Another song i like to heard again and again non stop

                   Pico and Sekihan singing together,Magnet (originally a hatsune miku and luka song)

*p.s,marry me pico XDXD*

Craving for earl grey tea

I already longing for Earl Grey tea since the day i realize that i am a tea lover.But finally i get the taste of it when i went to Delifrance last Sunday.

The taste was awesome,its taste bitter and nice in the same time.But they only give the Earl Grey Lipton,but its still ok for me 8D

So,now i been craving to have another cup of Earl Grey tea T^T But i dont have it at my house...need to go out and buy it....OTL

If anyone is kind enough and have it at they house,please share a bit to me *pika pika eyes*

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enough already!

I cant stand it anymore!

If you want something and you dont get it,keep it first,then when you have ur own money then go buy that freaking phone!

The main reason they wont but it for you is because its damn expensive

Even i got my own phone after i got a good result in my stpm,if not i will still using a third hand cheap phone that is only can call and sms =_____=

For NDS,i ask dad for a long time,then only i get it.Yup,i know its frustrated not getting what you want,but suck it up!
Save up some money every month,then one day you will get enough money,you should be granted,because dad give u more money than i am every month

Got one time,i only have rm2 in my wallet for 2 month and mom ask me to go buy lunch using my money but i cant since not enough money at all!

oh god...