Wednesday, April 25, 2012


playing around with my miku wig and wear some random school uniform =p

the weather lately so hot but why i even bother dressing up and wearing a wig? =___________=
i almost melt............

oh yeah,i working on a new manga (long time i stop drawing a manga) since i gonna put in at one of magazine,the editor will go through it,hopefully my art is fine enough for them to publish it *w*

idea idea idea..y u no come?

p.s:i did a video of me while wearing this miku,oh well,its a shameless video of me XD
forgive me for the video is small.
this are the link

Monday, April 23, 2012

green mermaid

Did a quick sketch tonight,just grab what is close to me while i cleaning up some space in my pc =w=

A green mermaid,lame background is lame,huhu

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


last saturday and sunday that is on 31/3-1/4/2012 there is an event called RAGE!! at pay teck school,melaka.
I drove to there with 2 more friend in my car (car small,some luggage need put at the backseat).
drove at least 2 hours to reach there,but i think god is giving me some test on that day,before went to melaka,i went to putrajaya and sg.weng first.the trip should not have taken more than 2 hours but somehow i cant find my way to get out from putrajaya and


need get out from putrajaya,took 1 hour
need get out from took around 1 hours++

after that reached at melaka,we cant find the freaking motel =.= (eventhough already pass by tat place 4-5 times) OTL
the god seriously testing my patience that day.
oh well,we settled down around 5pm like that.

so,on friday we went take a walk around melaka 8D its quite fun actually,its been a long time since i took a stroll around melaka.

Then,saturday arrived~~
i decided to cosplay character that i had done before,lazy to get new costume XD

i cosplay lilith aensland (darkstalker) on saturday,my head wing well behave that day =w= doesnt fall down.
well,here is some of the pic that day
me as lilith
chiko as morrigan

solo shot 1

solo shot

wen as hsien-ko 

solo shot

then the next day,sunday,i cosplay as souseiseki from rozen maiden (yeah,old anime ftw~!)
actually before i had cosplay as souseiseki but i feel like i cosfuck the character so i kinda emo and dont want to cosplay her anymore.
but after 1 year then i decided i want to debuted her again

and you know what,i did a great job 8D

here,some pic of it

"a broken doll"
solo shot

solo shot

all of this lovely and awesome pic are taken by hexlord and fritz ^^ i love these guys work~ *kyaaaa* *drool**roll on the floor*

and i feel that i slowly improving on my cosplay,ehem...feel proud,lol XDXD