Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the snow baka:cirno

ok,i just done another touhou fanart,but this time full with color.
done in 2 days with pencil sketch and sai for coloring

featuring the baka hime sama XD
i mean cirno =p

Saturday, July 21, 2012

pic time~~

lately i been busy in photoshoot,3 weeks in a row OTL oh god....

first week is blazblue shoot
second week is hiiragi kagami shoot
third week is hatsune miku shoot

all of them shoot by red dot photograher 8D
i love his work,lol.

oh well,i just gonna upload the pic.
i still havent get the full pic but oh well =p

first pic:blazblue featuring maro chan as noel and me as taokaka


my most fav pic
flipping table oh yeahhh~~!!

second pic : lucky star featuring me as kagami hiiragi
the reason i had this shoot is because i gonna sell this costume soon.
its kinda tight for me =x
anyone interested?

teaser shot

third pic: vocaloid featuring me as hatsune miku (romeo and cinderella version)
this is my first costume that 100% self made (including the pillow cover XD)
except the wig.the wig i bought it online.

teaser shot

Thursday, June 21, 2012

review about cosplaytale and AFAMY

It seem i slowly neglected this blog OTL 

oh well,since i been gone,there been 2 event i went to this month.There is cosplaytale (i managed to get into the finalist list) and AFAMY (woohooo~~i dont have go to sg to experience AFA).So,this is my review


Eventhough my public vote kinda low but i managed to get mark from the judges,so i get in as one of the finalist ^^
Urgh,my first time doing cosplay skit,its nervous,frustrating and i literally rolling on the floor when i cant handle the stress =______________=
But in the same,its exciting and i enjoy every moment 8D
The other cosplayer that managed to get in as finalist did a great job 8D love you all~~
Well,i didnt win the first prize but its ok ^^ I gained new experience and its fine for me \(^o^)/ and i get new friends ^^
Congrats to version,you deserved it girl 8D show them some girl pawa~~~!!! LOL

I didnt managed to take any pic on that day since i was having trouble holding stuff ( i cosplay as taokaka from blazblue)


This is the first time afa been held in pwtc,malaysia.They bring a lot of japan singer and cosplay celebrity (insert fangirl kyaa kyaa here) they bring kaname *A*
On day 1,i cosplay as hatsune miku cendrillon version with my friend,he cosplay as gakupo kamui cendrillon version.
Some sad stuff happen that day,because it been held at pwtc,there were some public event going on also.That time i was sitting alone outside of the toilet coz my partner went to toilet.(I already done changing) so,there is some random auntie walk behind me,all of them giving the sick reaction and call me jijik (digusting) out loud behind me.
Auntie...i can hear every fucking word u said to me la........
I really wanted to cry that time but i cant run away because i need to take care of my friend stuff also.After my friend come out from the toilet,i straight away run into the toilet and calm myself down T^T
Ok,enough with the sad story.As some of you know,miku cendrillon version costume is huge and puffy,so i having hard time walking around lol.
I will post some of the pic later

On day 2,i cosplay as souseiseki from rozen maiden.This time i joining a rozen maiden group.I fix a bit on the scissor,add some detail and make it more sturdy so i can swing it around (lol)
On this day,i mostly stay at one place because i wanted to watch the cosplay celebrity section and the RCC.
(warning fangirl moment)
Kaname wave back at me when i wave at him,i immediately blushed and try to avoid eye contact,can see he trying not to laugh =3= i sho happy,can i kidnap him? =w=
for the RCC,all the contestant did a great job and congrats to xajin and amy for winning the malaysia RCC 8D

So..overall the event kinda ok for me ^^;;
i didnt go to the maid n butler cafe since i heard its expensive and you need to queue up like more than 3 hours =____________________=

I did buy figurine 8D hello kitty,lol

now for the pic~~

taken at misao studio (this one taken a week after AFAMY)
pic credit to misao photographer

taken at AFAMY day 1
pic credit to misao photographer

taken at AFAMY  day 1
pic credit to misao photographer

taken at AFAMY  day 1
pic credit to hexlord

on day 2 i didnt received any nice pic,except this >D
taken at AFAMY day 2
pic credit to..i forgot,i took this from facebook

souseiseki rape face >3 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There is one cosplay competition held by H.T.Production,and guess what? I just enter for fun and i managed to enter the qualifying round =w= Huhu,i didnt expect that i can,lol.The prize is really big,can go to japan and do photoshoot there 8D

So,i really need to all people who actually read my blog *A* to vote for me,below here is the link
Click vote on me,i cosplay as taokaka from blazblue.well,that is the prop i was rushing on my previous post =3

There is 25 cosplayer,so if any other cosplayer u like,please vote for them also but please vote for me also *shameless plead*
And please vote for my friend named chikoness,she cosplay as yuyuko from touhou.
Her butterfly pweettyy~~

I think thats all for naow

So,pretty please with cherry on top,
please vote for me

I really want to win and go to japan =w=
well,there is a lot other pro cosplayer =3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

C2age review

Finally,C2age 2012 is over~~~~~ *flip table*

Its been a busy and tired day for me =w= eventhough i didnt open the BUFFLLAMAS booth but still tired.

I did cosplay both day,saturday and sunday.As some people who read my previous post,i cosplay as taokaka from blazblue.everything was last minute,i didnt managed to finish the claw before the event due no 

material i can find around my house.

During the event,my mask kept on falling off and my shoe *A* the platform was coming off!! I literally drag my right left while walking and i kept on bumping to a lot of people because i cant see properly and i cant find some of my friend OTL
But the best thing is,a lot of people doesnt recognize its me >D 

huhu,here some pic of me in taokaka costume

photo credit to reddot photography / kaezar kaze

For day 2,i somehow crossplay for the first time,i crossplay as rinnosuke from touhou project.Well,it seem i dont see any pic of me yet plus few people want take my photo since not a lot people recognize the character,oh well ^^
i managed to get some pic 8D

Overall,I am happy at the event,i managed to meet some of my friend and make new friends as well 8D

Well,i still cant rest after the event,on sunday,i slept like 3 hours then woke up continue making prop for taokaka,making the claw~~~~~~~THE CLAW~ *insert toystory phrase*

I did the whole thing around 8 hours nonstop.After that straight away to H,T.Production studio for photoshoot

*remind me not to do like this ever again.........i am exhausted like hell........*

But the prop somehow turn out really nice and i am proud of my self *smackself* only i need to fix the color scheme on it.
Dont have any of the pic now,but when i get it,i will post it here ^^

Right after i reached home,i K.O and feel a lot better today 8D Fully energized!!

So,next event,AFAMY~~!!!! weeeeeee~~

I gonna debuted a very mainstream character,LOL!
And a very big dress also,so...
Hoping to meet all my friends there also~

Ciao for now~
Aya signing off~

Sunday, May 13, 2012

getting my new costume

around next week,there will an ACG event called C2age at tropicana mall ^^ i will be attending there,but only day 2 and day 3.the first day i wont be going since i scared i will be exhausted =w=

image are taken at

At first i feel lazy to cosplay and wanted to attend the event as normal visitor =w= (last time at rage i cosplay half day and a lot of people thought i wont cosplay,lol) but suddenly i had changed my plan,i will cosplay at both day *w*
well,guess what character i will be doing =w=

well,still incomplete yet =w= need something fluffy and soft to put at the hand part (so,i can sleep with that,lol)

I did one video when i testing this costume (i getting addicted recording a video and post it at youtube)

i make a small "nyan nyan" sound,but too soft =w=

Lastly,artwork update from me~Still touhou fanart,featuring kaguya,this one request from one of my friend ^^
Sketch artwork

Friday, May 4, 2012

The inaba

Done another touhou fanart XD
This time featuring reisen and tewi,pity on reisen,she cant have he solo close up shot when tewi right behind her photobombing and stealing the spotlight XDXD

Done with a pen sketch.
(man,i starting to do this kind of artwork,sketch type)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

vocaloid and touhou fanart

Kaito (vocaloid) fanart
done with marker and copic for the color

Patchoulli and koakuma (touhou) fanart
done with a pen sketch and copic for the shading
the scanner kill the quality,the original was much way better than the scan version *A*

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


playing around with my miku wig and wear some random school uniform =p

the weather lately so hot but why i even bother dressing up and wearing a wig? =___________=
i almost melt............

oh yeah,i working on a new manga (long time i stop drawing a manga) since i gonna put in at one of magazine,the editor will go through it,hopefully my art is fine enough for them to publish it *w*

idea idea idea..y u no come?

p.s:i did a video of me while wearing this miku,oh well,its a shameless video of me XD
forgive me for the video is small.
this are the link

Monday, April 23, 2012

green mermaid

Did a quick sketch tonight,just grab what is close to me while i cleaning up some space in my pc =w=

A green mermaid,lame background is lame,huhu

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


last saturday and sunday that is on 31/3-1/4/2012 there is an event called RAGE!! at pay teck school,melaka.
I drove to there with 2 more friend in my car (car small,some luggage need put at the backseat).
drove at least 2 hours to reach there,but i think god is giving me some test on that day,before went to melaka,i went to putrajaya and sg.weng first.the trip should not have taken more than 2 hours but somehow i cant find my way to get out from putrajaya and


need get out from putrajaya,took 1 hour
need get out from took around 1 hours++

after that reached at melaka,we cant find the freaking motel =.= (eventhough already pass by tat place 4-5 times) OTL
the god seriously testing my patience that day.
oh well,we settled down around 5pm like that.

so,on friday we went take a walk around melaka 8D its quite fun actually,its been a long time since i took a stroll around melaka.

Then,saturday arrived~~
i decided to cosplay character that i had done before,lazy to get new costume XD

i cosplay lilith aensland (darkstalker) on saturday,my head wing well behave that day =w= doesnt fall down.
well,here is some of the pic that day
me as lilith
chiko as morrigan

solo shot 1

solo shot

wen as hsien-ko 

solo shot

then the next day,sunday,i cosplay as souseiseki from rozen maiden (yeah,old anime ftw~!)
actually before i had cosplay as souseiseki but i feel like i cosfuck the character so i kinda emo and dont want to cosplay her anymore.
but after 1 year then i decided i want to debuted her again

and you know what,i did a great job 8D

here,some pic of it

"a broken doll"
solo shot

solo shot

all of this lovely and awesome pic are taken by hexlord and fritz ^^ i love these guys work~ *kyaaaa* *drool**roll on the floor*

and i feel that i slowly improving on my cosplay,ehem...feel proud,lol XDXD

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

trial new wig

i order a new wig,this time is miku wig *w*
well,i got one new cosplay plan thats involved with vocaloid.i havent got the costume yet (soon,hopefully by next month) so,i only try the wig only.already trimmed and style a bit.below is some of the picture i took

only a camwhore photo and forgive me for the messy background =w=
coughcoughmikuinpajamadresscoughcough XDXD
was kinda searching for outfit to pack this thursday till next monday which i will be at melaka for an event called RAGE! held by emina melaka.
will open a doujin booth there 8D
so,if anyone of u want to find me,just search a booth named BUFFLLAMAS!! ^^

do i look cute? *smackself* XDXD

i somehow like this,coz my body doesnt seem so thin.well,messy room is messy =p

Hello \(^o^)/

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my kitten

i already had kitten like almost 3 months but i havent post any of her pic here ^^llll

so,this post i gonna upload some of her pic

her name is son goku XD named after one character in dragonball (lol) my dad the one who wan this name XDXD

this was taken this morning ^^ goku trying to get some sleep on top of bassi,both of them are best friend =p

sleeping together

this was taken before goku can open her eye,she have habit showing her tongue when sleeping back then ^^

"i dont want to pose" 
awwww *A* 

"watcha looking at?"
her favorite hidden place when playing with bassi ^^

that's all the picture for now ^^
i actually have a ton of her pic but not going to post everything here ^^

goku mother is pregnant again,might have another kitten next week or next 2 week =w=

Sunday, March 18, 2012

new product from me

next week i will be going to melaka for one ACG event named RAGE! and as usually my doujin group will be opening a booth there ^^

well,there will be a new product from me

featuring puella magi madoka magica badge design *W*

the character that i had made

and not to forget our most beloved character

if i generous,i might give kyuubey badge for free if buy the whole set =p

rm4 per piece 
can purchased this in ACG event,just search a booth named BUFFLLAMAS!
or can purchase via online ^^
accept paypal also

Monday, March 12, 2012

animax carnival 2012

last saturday at sunday on 10/3 -11/3 there was an event called animax carnival at 1Utama.held by animax,astro company.well,i went to the first day only since i was too lazy to go the second day =p

I reach there around 10.45 am since i supposedly can reached there around 10 am but there was traffic jam =_______________=

so,after reached there i search for my friends (well..its been a long time i havent go to 1Utama,so i quite lost at there at first XDXD )

after i found my friend,i changed into my costume and help me my friend put some makeup on him =p

since its a small event,so i decided to do bambi from TMGS 3rd story again.But this time,i finally have my partner (as i already stated that in my previous post)
my review on the event...hurm...its was BORING~ seriously =_____= i was shocked about it actually,the way astro promoted the event on tv advertisement like the event actually so grant and big.but the venue so small plus the huge crowd,i cant walk properly,i kept on be push around people -.- i was little disappointing but since i went hang around with couple of my friend,it keep my mood ok a bit ^^

and this is the first time i went home early if i went to any ACG event XD

hur,not much about the event also.

here,only one pic since nobody know what character and which game series i did XD

credit to moon art studio for this lovelt pic ^^


Monday, March 5, 2012

happy ^^

last few week ago,i got in touch by my old ex-schoolmate ^^ ohh~ i miss all of my ex-schoolmate T^T

oh well,as some people know,that i always wanted properly cosplay bambi from TMGS 3rd story,well,last CF 2011 i did on first day but sadly nobody know and there is no pic taken OTL
some people though i just wear random wig or original character *fantoi*

well,this upcoming event this week at animax carnival,i finally have someone to become my sakurai ruka *drool* *fangirl*

well,the person who willing to do this (well,half of it i forced him XD ) is my old friend ^^ he suddenly said he wanted try to cosplay.after like 2-3 weeks of conversation and discussion (i didnt keep track how long we been pm each other O_o )  and i suggest him to do sakurai ruka and he ok wit it ^^

so,animax carnival will be his first time debuting in cosplay field 8D

oh,i dont know if i can handle later this week when he cosplay as ruka,i scared i will fangirl too much *rollingonthefloor*

ehem *coughcough*

i hope i can pull as bambi perfectly =w=

totemo doki doki desu~~ *W*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

morrigan and lilith fanart

so,these days i been working on one new artwork of darkstalker
this time lilith is inside it also 8D
i though i can finish this by one day only but it took me 3 days to finish it OAOlll
oh well,here is it ^^

"you and me are one"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

morrigan aensland

so,i drew a fanart of morrigan aensland from darkstalker.
done with pencil and photoshop for coloring.
took me around 2 days to finish this (despite all the A4 paper i threw away coz of the failure)

so,here is it

before that,i am sorry if i didnt draw morrigan big boob or sexy enough,i just not really like to draw big boob,its kinda...weird.. OTL

Thursday, February 9, 2012



i was kinda high and i wanted to play with makeup (well,girls love to do this XD )

so,i done some makeup practice for my cosplay.
so,here is some of the result

sorry for the quality,i took the pic using my phone ^^

character:bambi from TMGS 3rd story

"i will always love ruka-kun"

"ruka-kun,when we going to have a picnic again?"

"a gift for you ^^"
featuring rilakkuma XD

"dont ever leave me again ok?"