Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i still here

after so long i didnt upload anything at here,lol >.<  i still alive

i remaking the lilith head wing.it look much way better than the old one

the old one,wont stand

art for the week
hatsune miku fanart
manually done
pencil color
copic marker

so,i not sure what i should write but here some picture XD (lol,this blog becoming a picture directory than a blog)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

oh yeah!

finally my red boot for my lilith cosplay is here *shed tears*

its super super red,lol XD and i love it so much,well,its not the exactly the same look but its fine for me already ^^

now i only need to practice walking on it,i never have this kind of high heel O_o most of the time i only wear wedges.because i dont want to fall over when walking in the event hall later or i might need to run (who knows)

this evening i also try wearing the full set of lilith costume (well,without the wing) you know what?


my dream is finally coming true TAT

now i only need to do the wing,stuff for BUFFLLAMAS ^^

coz the day 1 cosplay plan already almost done,only need wait for the wig
day 2,wing

doujin stuff
-one shot manga.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i was tagged by my friend
it was fun while doing this stuff

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I actually happy right now because finally my dream cosplaying bambi that is heroine from Tokimeki memorial 3rd story is coming true

almost done with it,i can say its 95% since i didnt get the wig yet >.< i hope it can come before december 8D
i choosing a date outfit,and of coz!i doing the outfit that sakurai ruka love

cute + sexy look

well,no pic for now since i dont have the wig right now but i tempted to take picture of the outfit >A<

and i will doing the photoshoot for it but i havent get the place and photographer yet OTL
but i have a lot of idea for it 8D
and since there is no one will cosplaying ruka for me,so i dragged one of my friend to become my "ruka",lol XD
since he ok with it then its settle =3
hopefully the photoshoot can come out as i planned coz i want it to become reversed,what i mean is..
if any of you had seen/play the game,the heroine wont show in any image,only in chibi version only.
so,i decided to not fully show ruka in the photoshoot ^^ so,its reversed,do not show the bishie guys,only show the beauty of the heroine >D  *headslamonthewall*

"who do you like more?the flower or me?"

"ohhh~where are you looking at?you such a pervert girl >D "

p.s:the quote i just make it up XD its not from directly in game since i had forgotten the dialog =p