Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 cosplay history

2011 almost end and 2011 is my second year of cosplaying =w=
because of cosplaying i met a lot of new friend and i learn a lot from it 8D

I love cosplay and i still learning ^^
thanks to all my cosplay friend that willing to help me in term of asking help in making prop,become my partner and asking for me to fill in some character ^^

so,here is the character that i did for this year
not much,and actually there is one more character but dont have any picture of it ^^;;

some of the character such as tewi,lucy and flandre wig and costume does not belong to me ^^
cosplay that i really proud of is lilith aensland ^^ I am happy that i manage to debuted my old fav character ^^

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

review on CF n a sad news

firstly,i will go to the sad news first

one of my cat named debab passed away this morning due to a heart attack.last night he having a very hard time to breathe.
i cry when i saw him struggling to get air T^T
but as what my mum told me, "its already his time,its better for him to go than feel in pain" so,all of my family just stay with debab and wait till his last breath.

here,a picture of debab.


ok,now a review from last saturday and sunday ACG event named Comic Fiesta.

day 1:



why i act like that?
because most of the cosplayer are been kept in one hall for like 3-4 hours =.=
at first i was at the booth after changing into my costume,then i received a phone call from one of my friend,she want to meet up,so i went outside from the booth hall to meet her at hallway.
i end up meet up some of my friend,so we wait together,then one of the CF community said we cant gather there (as if we are doing some kind of illegal stuff),so we end up go to hall 4 (the photoshoot area).
this is the best part,once u go there,u cant go out,if u want,there is a super freaky long queue OTL 
i stuck there at least 4 hours...starving...thirsty...bored..frustrating...
thank god there is one of my friend buy us some food and my bro willing to stuck with us coz he bring some food for us to share
so,we end up like a picnic and we entertained ourself with dancing n music.

the reason CF community did that because at that moment the KLCC management butt in and want to control the event =.= due there is Iphone launch and the Ifag called us weirdo,so we need to locked in one place so they cant see? stupid la... D<
plus outside of the hall,there is around 20 people that;s invoved with the "BERSIH" thingy =.= i dont mind you want to do,but why from all the places n time,u guys want to crashed the event??WHYY???~~~~!!!

I even not having fun debuting my fav character -.-
I was having second thought of having debuting lilith aensland on second day or not since i was pissed off but since i already worked on it like 5 months..and one of my friend named shin helped me a lot on making the wing...
so,i decided i will do it!

day 2:

i debuted my old classic fav character,lilith aensland~~
well,the second day is much way better than day 1 since i hear the KLCC management didnt butt in.
but me n my partner having a hard time to walk with the big wing and our feet are in pain due to wearing a high heel =w= 
some of people dont recognize our character coz its old.
well,we bump into a pervert photographer also,asking to do some cleavage shoot =.= i know the person named but i dont want to put it here.
day 2 i really scold some of the people coz taking pic without permission,its already written at the booklet rules n regulation. 
its not that hard to ask and we cosplayer willing to pose for you =.= 

well,here is some of the pic

me and my partner (full body shot)

half body shot

credit to the photograher,i just took this from facebook XD

and there is one more thing i pissed off on day 2,at the end of the event,one of the KLCC security try to break my wing and throw it away D<
here is the pic

see what he hold?that's my wing,he did this when we all are having a end dance.
see that one bag?that's my bag,and the wing is one the table,of coz i still want it D<
thank god one of my friend saw this and called him to put it away back,no harm is done
but still,dont touch other people property la D<

Sunday, December 11, 2011


i know i should go finish all my pending work but i totally in lazy mode now OTL instead i making a random artwork XD

probably coz lately there is a lot of drama been happening in cosplay community lately (glad i not involved,i just a spectator =p )

well,here is the artwork~~

done with copic marker (i too lazy to search my pencil tat time so i just grab copic marker since its near to me XD )

Thursday, December 8, 2011


lately i been having 3 nightmare related to this upcoming event,CF

oh god..i dont like it >A<

first dream:

i was at the event hall and one of my friend ask if i want to change cloth (into cosplay costume),then when i check my bag,i forgot to bring the costume
-then i somehow woke up,well,its normal for me to have this kind of dream

second dream:
i was at the event hall (again),i saw all my doujin member was busy setting up the booth and so on,my friend already change into .....(i not gonna say,its still a secret this character,lol) so i also wanted to go change,and again i forgot to bring the costume.i was panicked,so i closed my eye n repeated said "this is just a dream" but after i open my eyes,i still at the event hall,i screamed n almost crying,lol
-then i woke up,i was sweating and glad i still got time to finish the prop and so on

at this moment,i though i wont have this kind of dream anymore coz i mostly 98% ready and almost finish everything but....i was wrong...

third dream:
same thing,almost the same like the second dream situation and i did closed my eyes in this dream but the best part,all my friends said that this is real,i almost cry that time =w=
-but then i woke up~

well,this might means nothing and not scary at all,but for me its nightmare,and i will make sure i will get everything ready before the event next week >A<

p.s:not only me having a nightmare,most all my doujin group also had nightmare XDXD *combo nightmare!!*

Sunday, December 4, 2011


i finally done with the big wing *clapclap*

took me around 3 days to fully finish it with the help from my lovely friend,charlene n wen ^^
thanks you guys ^^ (love u all)

now i only need to buy corset to put it behind my back,next week i will go buy~~ =w=

now,the prop is done,i need to finish the illustration n the persona 4 keychain leftover *rush rush*
CF is getting near,only 12 days to go >A<

the big wing~
can see how big compare to my small body XD
its quiet heavy also =p

i add up some bone claw on top of each wing

now,this is the artwork this week
vocaloid fanart
sad emotion theme