Wednesday, March 28, 2012

trial new wig

i order a new wig,this time is miku wig *w*
well,i got one new cosplay plan thats involved with vocaloid.i havent got the costume yet (soon,hopefully by next month) so,i only try the wig only.already trimmed and style a bit.below is some of the picture i took

only a camwhore photo and forgive me for the messy background =w=
coughcoughmikuinpajamadresscoughcough XDXD
was kinda searching for outfit to pack this thursday till next monday which i will be at melaka for an event called RAGE! held by emina melaka.
will open a doujin booth there 8D
so,if anyone of u want to find me,just search a booth named BUFFLLAMAS!! ^^

do i look cute? *smackself* XDXD

i somehow like this,coz my body doesnt seem so thin.well,messy room is messy =p

Hello \(^o^)/

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my kitten

i already had kitten like almost 3 months but i havent post any of her pic here ^^llll

so,this post i gonna upload some of her pic

her name is son goku XD named after one character in dragonball (lol) my dad the one who wan this name XDXD

this was taken this morning ^^ goku trying to get some sleep on top of bassi,both of them are best friend =p

sleeping together

this was taken before goku can open her eye,she have habit showing her tongue when sleeping back then ^^

"i dont want to pose" 
awwww *A* 

"watcha looking at?"
her favorite hidden place when playing with bassi ^^

that's all the picture for now ^^
i actually have a ton of her pic but not going to post everything here ^^

goku mother is pregnant again,might have another kitten next week or next 2 week =w=

Sunday, March 18, 2012

new product from me

next week i will be going to melaka for one ACG event named RAGE! and as usually my doujin group will be opening a booth there ^^

well,there will be a new product from me

featuring puella magi madoka magica badge design *W*

the character that i had made

and not to forget our most beloved character

if i generous,i might give kyuubey badge for free if buy the whole set =p

rm4 per piece 
can purchased this in ACG event,just search a booth named BUFFLLAMAS!
or can purchase via online ^^
accept paypal also

Monday, March 12, 2012

animax carnival 2012

last saturday at sunday on 10/3 -11/3 there was an event called animax carnival at 1Utama.held by animax,astro company.well,i went to the first day only since i was too lazy to go the second day =p

I reach there around 10.45 am since i supposedly can reached there around 10 am but there was traffic jam =_______________=

so,after reached there i search for my friends (well..its been a long time i havent go to 1Utama,so i quite lost at there at first XDXD )

after i found my friend,i changed into my costume and help me my friend put some makeup on him =p

since its a small event,so i decided to do bambi from TMGS 3rd story again.But this time,i finally have my partner (as i already stated that in my previous post)
my review on the event...hurm...its was BORING~ seriously =_____= i was shocked about it actually,the way astro promoted the event on tv advertisement like the event actually so grant and big.but the venue so small plus the huge crowd,i cant walk properly,i kept on be push around people -.- i was little disappointing but since i went hang around with couple of my friend,it keep my mood ok a bit ^^

and this is the first time i went home early if i went to any ACG event XD

hur,not much about the event also.

here,only one pic since nobody know what character and which game series i did XD

credit to moon art studio for this lovelt pic ^^


Monday, March 5, 2012

happy ^^

last few week ago,i got in touch by my old ex-schoolmate ^^ ohh~ i miss all of my ex-schoolmate T^T

oh well,as some people know,that i always wanted properly cosplay bambi from TMGS 3rd story,well,last CF 2011 i did on first day but sadly nobody know and there is no pic taken OTL
some people though i just wear random wig or original character *fantoi*

well,this upcoming event this week at animax carnival,i finally have someone to become my sakurai ruka *drool* *fangirl*

well,the person who willing to do this (well,half of it i forced him XD ) is my old friend ^^ he suddenly said he wanted try to cosplay.after like 2-3 weeks of conversation and discussion (i didnt keep track how long we been pm each other O_o )  and i suggest him to do sakurai ruka and he ok wit it ^^

so,animax carnival will be his first time debuting in cosplay field 8D

oh,i dont know if i can handle later this week when he cosplay as ruka,i scared i will fangirl too much *rollingonthefloor*

ehem *coughcough*

i hope i can pull as bambi perfectly =w=

totemo doki doki desu~~ *W*