Monday, October 31, 2011

black rock shooter

well,this isnt a new artwork,i just add some detail on it such as the shading using coffee.
wow,after long time didnt touch brush,my hand are shaking when using it OTL
and i having hard time to control the wetness of the color *headdesk*

Saturday, October 29, 2011

the battle of alice

well,this week i not really feeling very well,but i managed to do an artwork
its a fanart of alice from touhou project,this artwork is for my friend song cover.

its still w.i.p because i will color it soon


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


after more than 24 hours non stop staring at the pc..
i getting sick of staring and coloring *throw pc out of the window*

lol,now i finally finish the first part of persona 4 keychain
(please clap hand =w= )

ok,i getting crazy.

just now i took a nap around 30 minutes,thank goodness there are my fav series on show,that is "walking of the dead" so,my mum woke me up,so i was awake and i continue finishing this stuff, i dont make any sense..
i just rabble around what's in my head now =________________________________=

oh well,here is it.

rm5 per each


now...i off to bed *crawl*

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i been non-stop posting lately XD
please bear with me ok =p

here is the sample of persona 4 keychain,well,its still havent finish yet but i giving a rough idea how the keychain would like if i later print it,laminate it and cut it ^^

and if anyone of u interested with my previous keychain,pokemon,and scare if the keychain will get torn or easily get dirty,dont worry,i print it with art paper,so its kinda a thick paper and good quality and plus i laminate it so it wont easily bend.
so,if anyone want to buy,i accept paypal also if u outside of malaysia ^^

well,moving on posting the sample keychain

Sunday, October 16, 2011

new project

new project for my doujin group,BUFFLLAMAS

i currently working on persona 4 keychain ^^

as you can see,this week there is an ACG event on saturday and i was planning to finish some of it and try to sell at there.
its a rush,i know >.<
i was planning to debut it at CF this december but i cant hold my excitement XD and i want to see how is the response ^^

well,i just finished inking it just now,tonight or tomorrow i will start color it 8D

the price wont be the same as the pokemon,why?
because the size is bigger than the pokemon XD

well,here is the progress now



-dojima and nanako

huhu,anyone interested >D


sometime when i ever i post an artwork,i didnt get a lot of response or no response at all...

i not going to down some people or make fun of people..

but some of them the drawing not really got but a lot people like it....

mine like nobody bothered about them....

i shouldnt have enter the countdown...

it make me super sad by the few people like my artwork...

yeah,there are a lot of awesome artwork and better than me...

it make me really sad...

sometime i lose confident on myself...

sometime i felt that i should stop drawing...

but if i stop...

i dont have anything else...

i dont have any talent than that....

yeah...i had to admit that sometime i can steal someone awesome skill and make it belong to me..but i cant...

I am slow in learning something new...


come on aya >A<



Friday, October 14, 2011


today i went to midvalley with my lil bro,kyon

at first we plan to watch movie the thing but it seem real steel came out today also,so after my bro checking the thing movie review,so we decided to watch real steel

one thing i had to said about this movie

AWESOME~~!!!! \(^o^)/

I really love the movie so so much.
at first i was i already expected this movie is nice but this is fucking awesome >A<

so,i do recommend people to watch it ^^

must watch movie~~weeeee~~


random artwork for this week
i will try to put new artwork each week

color version (didnt bother to erase the pencil line XDXD)

Monday, October 10, 2011


i feel like that i...


i feel like that i like someone but i not sure >.<

I am scared...

I am scared to get involved in that kind of relationship because of my previous experience =w=


random post is random,lol

doodle 2

another doodle ^^

this time more random stuff on it XD i feel like want to love someone =3=


Thursday, October 6, 2011


hurm..i doubt that no one actually read my blog ^^;;;

i feel like wanted to abandon this blog but oh well,since i already have it so i  just might continue posting new post

this post i will only put my doodle ^^;;

since lately i been playing harvest moon non-stop =p
so,you can see the main character and Cam (one of bishie guy in harvest moon,lol) inside my drawing