Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the snow baka:cirno

ok,i just done another touhou fanart,but this time full with color.
done in 2 days with pencil sketch and sai for coloring

featuring the baka hime sama XD
i mean cirno =p

Saturday, July 21, 2012

pic time~~

lately i been busy in photoshoot,3 weeks in a row OTL oh god....

first week is blazblue shoot
second week is hiiragi kagami shoot
third week is hatsune miku shoot

all of them shoot by red dot photograher 8D
i love his work,lol.

oh well,i just gonna upload the pic.
i still havent get the full pic but oh well =p

first pic:blazblue featuring maro chan as noel and me as taokaka


my most fav pic
flipping table oh yeahhh~~!!

second pic : lucky star featuring me as kagami hiiragi
the reason i had this shoot is because i gonna sell this costume soon.
its kinda tight for me =x
anyone interested?

teaser shot

third pic: vocaloid featuring me as hatsune miku (romeo and cinderella version)
this is my first costume that 100% self made (including the pillow cover XD)
except the wig.the wig i bought it online.

teaser shot