Saturday, July 30, 2011


ok,lately i really in bad mood,i having a super horrible mood swing =______= but i think i might be alright now

so,here is new update with my cosplay prop progress ^^
good news,i already finish with the small wing and the big wing.i just need to figure out how to attached to my back later and gonna do the arm warmer.yesterday i went buy some fabric for it ^^

so,here is the pic of it

this is how i look when i wear it (ignore the face XD )

yeah,i dont have wig stand so i using a tin biscuit =p 
need to buy wig stand soon

jang jang jaaangg~~
the big winnggg~~~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


well,today almost ended in few more hours..

today is 27th of july..its my birthday and i spend my birthday with making prop and playing DS and do what i do at my daily routine,wow,that is amazing way to spend a birthday.
well,i received a birthday called from my futago (thanks min kim ^^ )

i feel like crying...


even my parent doesnt remember,so nice~they only realized that after suddenly my youngest bro ask me is it today my birthday? lol

i know that i rarely have a birthday party but i feel sad..
i know its normal for me...
but at least a direct face to face saying happy birthday would be nice...

now i keep open the TMGS menu so i can heard my 2D bf say happy birthday to me,lol.

well,happy birthday to me~ ^^

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i think i...

i think i gained weight..
not much,probably 1-2 kg only..

you know what?

I'M HAPPY~~~ Weeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~ *rolling on the floor*

why i am happy?because my body is the type to easy lose and hard to gain back OTL

like last time,one day in fasting month,i managed to lose 5kg =_____= i literally facepalm at that moment.
yes,i underweight >w<  but for those people doesnt know me in real life,i do eat,i dont have anorexia,sometime i eat more than my parent.
At middle of night,i will find something to eat,like right now,even though i just ate baked bean =_____= i still hungry..
i wish there is a mcdonald outlet near my place (is under construction currently)
now i need new pants because some of it kinda tight for me =p happy~

and yes,this week doesnt start very well,i having a mood swing like crazy,in morning i moody like hell,then at night i feel so happy for no reason,now i feel like slightly moody
probably because i not feeling very well now? (i noticed these few years,i easily get sick)

i want lasagna,lol,so random XD
i want my bed..*stare at the bed*
i need to finish the prop...

oh yeah,i redo the wing for lilith coz i put the wrong color,supposed the skeleton of the wing is red but i color it black,lol.

i off to bed now

Monday, July 18, 2011

al fatihah...

today around 12 pm my mom received a call from uncle that my grandfather having difficulty to breath so they had to bring them to clinic.So,my parent went back to my grandparent house at 3 pm.I didnt received any call from them untill 5.30 pm.

I cant tag along with them since i need to pick up my youngest brother from school.

Around 7.30 pm,my dad called and he gave me a bad news..

My grandfather passed away.I cant believe it...
Since my uncle told my mom that he was alright in the morning,he can still go to store and buy some food...

He had a small heart attack..

He is 96 years old...
He still strong even in that age,he can cut down tree and drive his bike wherever he want...
He love to lie down and relax under the house where there is a cradle under there..
I will miss him...

sorry for my english..its hard to translate my feeling into english...

al-fatihah to my grandfather

i will always remember you grandpa..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

more *A*

oh god,i love myself,i getting inspired to draw more and i can finish it quick =w=

here,another pokemon chibi fan art (more pokemon ftw~)
yeah,forgive me for the watermark (i doing this coz i scare ppl will steal and change it,happen to me before)

pokemon black n white trainer best friend: Bianca 

pokemon black and white trainer best friend : Cheren

i forgot the lower the capacity on this one ^^llll

oh yeah,i decided to make it into a keychain after discussing with one of my best friend ^^ tq.
so,in future after i have enough i will print it and sell it ^^
anyone interested? >D

Friday, July 15, 2011

finish ^^

i finish the pokemon chibi ^^

so,yeah,forgive me for the watermark XD

continue with the pokemon

i decided to continue finishing the chibi pokemon i done last time.
so,here some picture of it.

i have upload this at my blog before 
the second step

the third step
(starting to color)

more on the color.havent finish it yet

i still cant decide either i make it into a badge or a keychain. >.<
any suggestion?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

fast sketch with color

i just need to sketch something so i want to draw a girl but instead it look like a shota OTL too much tokimeki memorial i guess....

yup,its fast sketch and messy since i didnt erase the pencil line,lol XD

Monday, July 11, 2011

tokimeki memorial in the mood

lately i been playing TMGS 3rd story all over again,gonna get all the picture 8D

to those people who dont know what is TMGS (Tokimeki memorial) its a otome game for NDS platform.It the same company who make love plus that is Konami (great job *thumbs up* )

I still remember the first time i play TMGS 1st love (that time i play in PS2 ) oh god,i squeal a lot and blushed when playing it XD especially hazuki,but that time i not really know japanese so i just play randomly and never get the good ending ^^lll
then came out TMGS 2nd season,it supposed in NDS and PS2 but since i dont have NDS that time so i just wait for PS2 but sadly i cant find it since its in japanese so in our country they dont take japanese game.

Then after so many years,i finally have my own NDS,i play TMGS 1st and TMGS 2nd  like crazy (because i can carry Hazuki where ever i go,that why you can find NDS in my bag when i went out =p )

But i heard the news,TMGS 3rd story coming out,i seriously cant wait that time XD i was counting the days (it came out on june,but that time was march) i even want to buy the original game cartridge but since i dont have enough money so i download the game (i dont recommended this to people,support original if you have money to spend on it,lol)

Now my second 2D boyfriend is aaa....i cant decide >A< i love all the character in TMGS 3rd..
can i make all of them is my boyfriend so i can have 2D harem >D

so,now i gonna leave the opening video of TMGS 1st,TMGS 2nd and TMGS 3rd.

to all otome game lover,i recommend you all to try play this game ^^
there already fan translation for TMGS 1st and TMGS 2nd ^^


hazuki~ *fangirl mode activated*

not really my favourite this series but they still have bishie guy in it XD

can i hug them all T^T i love ruka,kou,junpei,arashi,konno,seiji and even the girls,mayu and karen =3=

now excuse me,i going to have my virtual dating with my 2D boyfriend XD

Saturday, July 9, 2011

sailormoon yeah bebeh XD

these 3 days i been working on a sailormoon and chibimoon artwork 8D
so i decided to draw sailormoon eternal version and super chibimoon version

my messy rough sketch XD
somehow i make sailormoon look so mature at here =w=

finally the outline is done,i add up the wing at the back of sailormoon

the coloring has started~~ jang jang jang~~
one whole day but i only managed to get the skin and hair done OTL

oh well,since tomorrow i wont be going anywhere (there's riot happening right now =_=)
so i will continue with this stuff 8D

so,i off to bed now~
goodnite everybody =3=

Monday, July 4, 2011

happy birthday gackt-san ^^

today is 4th of july and today is birthday of gackt 8D

so,i just want to say tanjoubi omedeto ^^

even dogggy @ C-chan wanna say happy birthday to gackt =p

yeah,he look dirty and old XD