Thursday, August 25, 2011

re-ment and cf countdown done

ok,less word on this post but there will be a lot of picture 8D

i starting to collecting re-ment and this is some new re-ment i just bought

ok,done with the re-ment ^^

i finally finish the cf countdown art *A*
i shoo happy~took me around 1 week due to my laziness and deadline is next week >.<
so,had to finish it

i quite happy with the outcome ^^

Monday, August 22, 2011



i feeling like throwing a tantrum....

i dont understand why my youngest bro can throw a tantrum like a no reason and my mum just let him?
if i was about throwing a tantrum,my mum surely scold me.......

I hate it..
I cant express my feeling...
all the anger i just kept to myself..

i feel like something wanted to burst out from my heart..
like all the negative feeling...

i feel like crying,rage,throwing stuff and even jump out of window...

that's why i always try to keep calm because once i started to get angry,i feel like releasing everything..

i almost lost it yesterday..
at public somemore =_____=

i not a calm girl..
i actually have a very bad temper since small...
its just not everybody know..
even my parent doesnt know that...
since i am the eldest one..
i need to hide my true feeling so my little brother wont follow my example..
but it slowly taking the effect right now..

its ruining my life..
i been following what people want..
not what i want....

sorry for the F word

Thursday, August 18, 2011


the photo from touhouvania photoshoot had come up

me and 4 other of my friends and one photographer did the photoshoot

me cosplay as patchoulli knowledge
chiko as flandre
randy as mei ling (gender swap)
wen as sakuya
hadi as koakuma
hexlord as our photographer

we took place at one small abandon building in the middle of town where all the car passed by (each car passed by sure hon at us and some people really stop and take a look at us)

its seem today its not a good day for me to type >.< my grammar seem broken...oh well,please forgive me and i insert some of the picture below

credit to hexlord for taking all of this amazing shot ^^
it was happy to do photoshoot with you ^^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


ok,its already quite a long time i didnt post anything new here at,it might a long post ^^lll please bear with me =w=

since last month is my birthday,i do get some birthday present,well,no cake or party or whatsoever.but i got these amazing gift (including the one i get for myself)

what i got for my birthday present
-usachan (at the left)
-Tokimeki memorial 3rd story visual art and play card
-roll cake re-ment keychain
-Teddy bear re-ment (this one i get for myself)
-silky girl wish perfume (i havent take the pic >.< )

close up at the teddy bear re-ment

close up at the tokimeki memorial 3rd story visual art book (ruka on the front cover and kou on the back cover)
does ruka look dashing *w*

new member to my soft toy collection,
i never had a bunny soft toy before ^^

oh no,doggy is jealous and he attacking usachan >A<

i didnt take the picture but this is how the perfume look like ^^

ok,that is for my birthday present this year ^^
i should act matured since i already 23 years old and still no boyfriend XDXD


End of this year,that is on december,there will be the biggest ACG (anime,comic,game) event at malaysia.It held on every year,and last year is the first year i go.And i would gladly attend this year ACG event named 


last two days (i cant remember when) the forum of this event open a slot for comic fiesta artwork 100days countdown.And once i saw the announcement,i quickly book one day slot for me,i actually that time was sleepy,i was tend to book at day 93,but i accidently type day 96 OTL

but oh well,i got inspiration of the day 96 =p

so,i already started it since i dont want last minute i dont have any inspiration on what to draw or i will forgotten about it (i am the type will get lazy if near the deadline or entering a contest)

so,here is it,the sketch and some of the progress.(still havent finish it yet)

the sketch version 
after like 5-6 sketches i done =_= all look horrible but this one,i like it 8D
introducing comic fiesta mascot
tea (on the left)
ying yong (in the middle)
coffy (on the right)

the inked version

color in progress
i only managed to get coffy and tea skin color done,ying yong only the based for now >.>

Friday, August 5, 2011


i am so happy ^^

thanks to my beloved friend named hadi ^^ he gave me something that i really wanted and i really like.
to people that read my previous post,i said something about TMGS 3rd story visual art book right?
you know what?
hadi gave me the book =3= i seriously love it~~ *jump around*

i really love the book till just now i took a nap with the book on my left and my DS on my right,lol =p

thank you thank you so much hadi ^^

i didnt take any pic of the book yet =p
i might take pic of the pages but i probably will upload in fb only
for now,enjoy a chibi fanart of TMGS 3rd story of ruka and bambi drew by me

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new layout

ok,i just changed my layout.
just testing ^^ i havent have any picture that is really nice ^^

by the way,this is character from TMGS 3rd,the heroine,sakurai ruka and sakurai kouichi ^^
these are not my drawing
credit to the owner of this drawing (i dont know who,lol)


i want TMGS 3rd story visual art book...
i saw at kinokuniya...rm124...
someone give me money or buy it for me XDXD
once i saw the book i become crazy,thank goodness there is nobody at the japanese section,lol.
i really become a fangirl that time
Ruka is on the cover *A* how come i not become fangirl when see my fav character is on the cover


Monday, August 1, 2011


today is the first day of ramadhan so that's mean...

Its the first day of fasting 8D

so far,i still alright ^^ but i scare i will getting a gastric since these few days gastric kept on striking me >.<
hopefully i wont get any gastric pain this year,because last year i had to break fasting early because of gastric TAT

but this morning i almost eat something XD because its like a habit to me,eat a candy in the morning lol XD thank goodness my candy is downstair (i usually put some candy beside my bed)

so,i going to continue with my costume making ^^

so,to all my muslim friends

selamat berpuasa ^^