Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There is one cosplay competition held by H.T.Production,and guess what? I just enter for fun and i managed to enter the qualifying round =w= Huhu,i didnt expect that i can,lol.The prize is really big,can go to japan and do photoshoot there 8D

So,i really need to all people who actually read my blog *A* to vote for me,below here is the link
Click vote on me,i cosplay as taokaka from blazblue.well,that is the prop i was rushing on my previous post =3

There is 25 cosplayer,so if any other cosplayer u like,please vote for them also but please vote for me also *shameless plead*
And please vote for my friend named chikoness,she cosplay as yuyuko from touhou.
Her butterfly pweettyy~~

I think thats all for naow

So,pretty please with cherry on top,
please vote for me

I really want to win and go to japan =w=
well,there is a lot other pro cosplayer =3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

C2age review

Finally,C2age 2012 is over~~~~~ *flip table*

Its been a busy and tired day for me =w= eventhough i didnt open the BUFFLLAMAS booth but still tired.

I did cosplay both day,saturday and sunday.As some people who read my previous post,i cosplay as taokaka from blazblue.everything was last minute,i didnt managed to finish the claw before the event due no 

material i can find around my house.

During the event,my mask kept on falling off and my shoe *A* the platform was coming off!! I literally drag my right left while walking and i kept on bumping to a lot of people because i cant see properly and i cant find some of my friend OTL
But the best thing is,a lot of people doesnt recognize its me >D 

huhu,here some pic of me in taokaka costume

photo credit to reddot photography / kaezar kaze

For day 2,i somehow crossplay for the first time,i crossplay as rinnosuke from touhou project.Well,it seem i dont see any pic of me yet plus few people want take my photo since not a lot people recognize the character,oh well ^^
i managed to get some pic 8D

Overall,I am happy at the event,i managed to meet some of my friend and make new friends as well 8D

Well,i still cant rest after the event,on sunday,i slept like 3 hours then woke up continue making prop for taokaka,making the claw~~~~~~~THE CLAW~ *insert toystory phrase*

I did the whole thing around 8 hours nonstop.After that straight away to H,T.Production studio for photoshoot

*remind me not to do like this ever again.........i am exhausted like hell........*

But the prop somehow turn out really nice and i am proud of my self *smackself* only i need to fix the color scheme on it.
Dont have any of the pic now,but when i get it,i will post it here ^^

Right after i reached home,i K.O and feel a lot better today 8D Fully energized!!

So,next event,AFAMY~~!!!! weeeeeee~~

I gonna debuted a very mainstream character,LOL!
And a very big dress also,so...
Hoping to meet all my friends there also~

Ciao for now~
Aya signing off~

Sunday, May 13, 2012

getting my new costume

around next week,there will an ACG event called C2age at tropicana mall ^^ i will be attending there,but only day 2 and day 3.the first day i wont be going since i scared i will be exhausted =w=

image are taken at

At first i feel lazy to cosplay and wanted to attend the event as normal visitor =w= (last time at rage i cosplay half day and a lot of people thought i wont cosplay,lol) but suddenly i had changed my plan,i will cosplay at both day *w*
well,guess what character i will be doing =w=

well,still incomplete yet =w= need something fluffy and soft to put at the hand part (so,i can sleep with that,lol)

I did one video when i testing this costume (i getting addicted recording a video and post it at youtube)

i make a small "nyan nyan" sound,but too soft =w=

Lastly,artwork update from me~Still touhou fanart,featuring kaguya,this one request from one of my friend ^^
Sketch artwork

Friday, May 4, 2012

The inaba

Done another touhou fanart XD
This time featuring reisen and tewi,pity on reisen,she cant have he solo close up shot when tewi right behind her photobombing and stealing the spotlight XDXD

Done with a pen sketch.
(man,i starting to do this kind of artwork,sketch type)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

vocaloid and touhou fanart

Kaito (vocaloid) fanart
done with marker and copic for the color

Patchoulli and koakuma (touhou) fanart
done with a pen sketch and copic for the shading
the scanner kill the quality,the original was much way better than the scan version *A*