Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There is one cosplay competition held by H.T.Production,and guess what? I just enter for fun and i managed to enter the qualifying round =w= Huhu,i didnt expect that i can,lol.The prize is really big,can go to japan and do photoshoot there 8D

So,i really need to all people who actually read my blog *A* to vote for me,below here is the link
Click vote on me,i cosplay as taokaka from blazblue.well,that is the prop i was rushing on my previous post =3

There is 25 cosplayer,so if any other cosplayer u like,please vote for them also but please vote for me also *shameless plead*
And please vote for my friend named chikoness,she cosplay as yuyuko from touhou.
Her butterfly pweettyy~~

I think thats all for naow

So,pretty please with cherry on top,
please vote for me

I really want to win and go to japan =w=
well,there is a lot other pro cosplayer =3