Sunday, May 13, 2012

getting my new costume

around next week,there will an ACG event called C2age at tropicana mall ^^ i will be attending there,but only day 2 and day 3.the first day i wont be going since i scared i will be exhausted =w=

image are taken at

At first i feel lazy to cosplay and wanted to attend the event as normal visitor =w= (last time at rage i cosplay half day and a lot of people thought i wont cosplay,lol) but suddenly i had changed my plan,i will cosplay at both day *w*
well,guess what character i will be doing =w=

well,still incomplete yet =w= need something fluffy and soft to put at the hand part (so,i can sleep with that,lol)

I did one video when i testing this costume (i getting addicted recording a video and post it at youtube)

i make a small "nyan nyan" sound,but too soft =w=

Lastly,artwork update from me~Still touhou fanart,featuring kaguya,this one request from one of my friend ^^
Sketch artwork

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