Sunday, May 29, 2011

a week have pass by

a week had pass by since the c2age event.well,i still super super lazy to upload any pic =________= i not in the mood,seriously...

well,here a pic of me without any make up or bother to comb my hair =w= i super lazy girl noaw...

yup,this is how i look like without my make up or cosplay mode >.< 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pre-order luka vocaloid badge

i still tired from attending C2age,the report of the event will be up soon

now,i will take pre-order of luka from vocaloid badge but if only a lot of ppl interested with it then i will make it.

(since 3 ppl asking do i make luka badge)

Friday, May 13, 2011

sexy megane guy?

jang jang jang~
another before and after 
this is the bad guy character in my 4 powers manga
his name is toshioka (full name i 4got OTL)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

got improvement?

i been drawing since i was in primary school,i still remember the first time i drew a human (i drew her hand at her waist XDXD ) but i was proud with it.Then come along sailormoon,it really influence me a lot and i decided that i want to become a mangaka
well,now i slowly follow my dream but i promised myself,before i archive my dream,i need to improve my drawing skill a lot
I never attend a drawing class since that time the drawing class near my house the fees is expensive >.> so i self-learn everything
i noticed that i have the ability to copy certain style of artwork if i stare at it for hours ( i can stare at sailormoon character for hours and my drawing will slowly copy the style)
so,i try to avoid that since i searching for my own style.

now,after more than 10 years i non-stop draw,i think i already found my own style that i am are proud of,but still need a lot more practice
so,i included a comparison my old artwork and my new artwork of my first OC character

featuring Kanako Uesugi from my first manga entitled 4 powers.
i lazy to ink the new one,so,here you are,just a sketch XD

Sunday, May 8, 2011

artwork i currently working on now

i just remember there are one artwork i suppose to do >.< so,i move my butt to start draw i start color it and i try out my new style of coloring (that is suprisingly took me 2 hours to done with one character skin -_______-)

so,after more than 5++ hours,i only managed to get this much only OTL

still unfinished >.< 
the character does not belong to me
its belong to kayleighmurphy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

pokemon black n white badges coming soon

i was bored and i getting addicted draw chibi stuff,so yeah,i drew a fan art pokemon black and white for badges design

its still a sketch but right now i finish inking it but havent color it yet.Once i done with everything,people who interested with it,i can pre-order it ^^
featuring pokemon trainer black,white and N

Thursday, May 5, 2011

fail realistic art,lol

i was so bored so i drew a kinda realistic art,lol,but i failed XD
but i like the cloud 8D

Monday, May 2, 2011

vocaloid badges for sale~!

i decided to make a vocaloid badges 8D there are 5 design available,miku,kaito,gakupo,rin and len.
i cancelled PSG badges design since now i have learn the proper way to draw a chibi orz (i am a slow learner)
anyone interested to buy 8D *wink wink*

*edit* i change the design a bit,making the character more close up