Monday, February 28, 2011

Still like it ^^

I browse back ll my picture folder and i found pictures that i like,i already forgotten that i took it OTL

This pic of waterfall is taken at somehow far (i forgot the place but need take 3 hours from my house to reach there)

The beauty of nature 8D

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday i went to a beach at bagan lalang,its far from my house but its worth it because the place is nice and the beach is clean (probably because its still new)

Took some picture while on the beach

the tree (lol,i love take pic of tree)

the beach

me,dont ask me why i pose like this,my mum took it

a random dad and his son

the stuff sell at there,colorful right 8D

Right after that,we went to another beach,that is at Morib,Kanchong Darat at Selangor.We went there for lunch,more pic coming up XD

Since its hot,so i order ABC,it mixed with ice cream also XD i love it ^^

and this is the main course,ayam kampung and rice.

The beach,at morib,we can only view the sea from the port,if want swimming,need to go to the another beach that is not far away from this place.

For today,also a non-stop walking and window shopping,but i managed to buy 3 new earring (ring and earring somehow become my new obsession OTL ) Its really cute,a pattern of ribbon,rabbit and music note ^^  But i somehow pissed off a bit coz i went to one wig shop (my mom drag me coz she kept on saying dont but wig from online) The price of the wig is damn expensive OAO the wig i bought from cckids,40cm at least can get rm60++ but at that shop 40 cm wig,rm180!!

Not only that,my mum told the shop keeper that i always buy from online,the shop person straight away scold me "Why you buy from internet?Its not good at all!Our shop is cheaper than there,plus its fake,our is real coz we imported it from china,korean and japan!next time come to our shop"
I just ignore her and straight away get out from the shop,pffttt~! Like i will buy wig from your shop.

This is the earring i bought,kawaii deshou ne ^^

Friday, February 25, 2011


More artwork done XD
All is Touhou mug design ^^ I draw more touhou character since touhou character is a lot OmO




Monday, February 21, 2011

Progress in my artwork

I look back at my old artwork.
I still remember when i the first time i try color using computer,its hard and i almost gave up >A<
But now i slowly learn how to color well

But it still not perfect and pretty enough but i am proud with the outcome ^^

Down here is the image of old artwork and new artwork

The left is artwork from 2005 and the right is artwork from 2011 ^^

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Non-stop osu-ing XD

Since i got myself a new mouse,i bought a gaming mouse,like finally 8D

I have been non-stop playing one game name osu.Its a music rhythm game something like that XD
This game also available in NDS,but i more prefer using the pc because there are a lot of interesting song especially vocaloid song  and touhou song ^^

This is the link where people can download the game and download the beatmap,at first i thought the game was too hard and i wont play it for a long time,but i was wrong!
I get addicted to it and i love playing multiplayer =w=

I slowly getting better playing this game 8D

Hazuki: I'm so bored since aya been neglected me lately..she too obsessed with osu...
Me: OAOllll  Hazuki-kun~! I'm so sorry >A< I promise I will play with you right after i done play with osu 
Hazuki: ................. *piss off*

Friday, February 18, 2011


Human...everybody is different,we cant predict how people act...

But cant you see that if someone dont like it or not comfortable by the face expression or the body language?
And yet i not the only girl you treat that kind of pervert way,i heard from others that you treat most of the girl the same way (mostly underage),you touch,you sit too close,you even poke the girls without thinking that girl not comfortable at all....

At least i say the truth that i dont like it when u easily touch me around...
and yet you act unmatured and block everyone that is agreed with me and back me,such a childish way

And i tought i not matured enough
I was just trying be nice and yet you still dont get it,when i say it,you are unhappy with it,you should be lucky that i didnt tell my parent about you,if i did,its the end for you

Dont treat me like "oh,she so small,she wont do anything to me"
You are totally wrong,i have my own patience,if i lost it,i will attack you..seriously,i WILL...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


lately i getting worry about my health...

Lately,i always have this kind of hard to breath and its painful in my chest whenever i inhale...
I always had this kind of problem since i was small but never bother to go meet a doctor and do check up since my parent said its normal and it will go away...

But..some of my friend insist me going to the clinic/hospital ( the truth is i hate doctor since most of the doctor and nurse always mock my body type..since i skinny and short,i almost cry the last time i went see a doctor,one nurse insulted me and make fun of me)

I got randomly type my pain in in mr google and came out a result that this kind of disease may a heart problem OAOllll  
I dont want that  OTL

Then one of my friend said maybe its asthma...i dont know...

Probably i stress enough...
Too much problem to handle...
Kinda feel want to die because i want to run away from this world reality...

Its too much painful....

I wish i can turn back time to when i was in secondary school...

If i know it will turn up like this..
I dont want to fall in love with that ass-hole...
I want just follow my instinct instead follow what others said...
Be true to my own feeling....

But now all of it...
Its too late already...

Having the pain right now...gotta get some rest...


At last for after so long finally i decided to sell a doujin.
Me and some of my friend formed a group called Buffllama Group.

I have design some fanart based on Touhou game character,for now i only have like 4 design (another one still unfinished)

Here is some of the artwork

Tewi and Reisen

Remilia Scarlet


Flandre Scarlet

And another one is Marisa,well,i havent color her yet so i wont upload it here >.<
Mostly this design is for mug design.I will sell it once everything is done.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Have a fun day yesterday~

Oh god,so long i didnt hang out with friends

Me,Charlene,Randy,Wen,Hadi,Aaron and Farah (She join us when dinner)

All of us spent time with swimming in cyberia pool,in one big pool,only us and its feel like the pool is belong to us only XD Eventhough i long time already didnt swim but its seem my swimming skill still ok (I still can float on my back )
but we had to get out from the pool because the health department want to sprayed a mosquito smoke at that area...

After that,all of us went to alamanda and have dinner in sushi king.  (this is the first time i drove to alamanda at night O_o thank god i still remember the way)
We even have yan seng (forgot the name) at there XD

Huhu,today my whole body in pain =w= so i really need to rest today

Hazuki: Aya,come join me on bed  =A=  *yawning*
Aya:I coming *run and jump on bed and cuddle Hazuki*

Monday, February 14, 2011

My first post ^^

Finally,i have decided to make a another new blog

I'm such a lazy girl OTL

I decided to write a blog coz sometime i juz want to write wat is in my heart

Wish me luck that hopefully this blog can stay alive for a very time

and,you wan to know something?
Today is valentine day,i dont have any boyfriend but i have my 2D boyfriend XD
Here is it,Hazuki Kei from TMGS XDXD i seriously in love with this guy 8D

Happy Valentine Day to everyone,kissu