Friday, April 29, 2011

konata n kagami

another chibi practice

this time konata and kagami from lucky star

Thursday, April 28, 2011

proper chibi?

i not really good in chibi >.< my style is more to a normal human body proportion,lol

so,just now i try to draw a proper chibi straight using my tablet.its was fun XD

but the file is small coz its just for a practiced and i found a new way to make the character look cuter through coloring 8D

featuring character from lucky star,Hiiragi Tsukasa~~jang jang jang~~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


memoire page 3

page 3

page 4
edit ( OAO!! i realize i didnt finish the tone at the chair,lol)

wee~managed to finish 2 page at one time XD

Saturday, April 23, 2011

memoire page 2

page 2,slowly introducing other character.
please click on the image if its too small for you,tq =3

page 3 will be coming up next week since i will be away this weekends.

Friday, April 22, 2011

my new manga 8D

after so many idea and so many A4 paper been thrown away because i failed on making a new comic >.> (already long time i havent make any new comic...)

finally,i come up with one new storyline,well,its a romance comic and i put how i feel in it.

i wont give much spoiler now,but in future i will write more what is the truth purpose i making this new comic.

the title of the comic is :mémoire 

if the picture seem small,please click on the image to view the full size ^^ tq~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

great time yesterday 8D

yesterday i and bunch of my friend went out to KL to pick up my friend costume and i order my new costume (well,my money short after that >.< )

then after that,we went to midvalley and meet up with one girl name Yori (she is a pretty girl *w* ) ,she with her boyfriend (sorry i cant remember your name,lol,i had hard time to remember new name).

we watch RIO movie together and at first i thought the movie not really good but i was wrong,the movie was hillarious and from the start i keep on laughing till the end XDXD  i love the movie so much 8D

then we ate dinner together,we spend more than 5 hours at KL (lol,and i was wearing the wrong shoe,my feet was blister after that)
and the way i walk quite slow actually so eventually i had to run a bit to catch up with them,lol

But it was fun ^^ i wish we can hang out together again 8D


at night i browse my deviantart page and i comment one artwork. (since i love to give comment or advise how can improve or fix which part that seem wrong)
i know that my artwork is not the best but i still have right to comment right?

i received the reply sound like that i dont want to hear your comment,bla bla bla,this one is better than the previous artwork attitude.


if you dont want to hear any comment about your artwork,better dont bother to post it online!
you dont know how hard to get a spot where people can notice your artwork and how hard for people to accept that you are into this kind of stuff.

nowadays a lot of newbie in drawing manga and suck in drawing claim they drawing are the best and dont want to listen to other people opinion and comment.

i draw more than 10 years to get to this level and still struggling~!
people rejected my artwork
people mock my artwork
people make fun of me
people said i should give up on art because it will bring nothing to you (this still go on to me)
people trying to change my style
people steal my character and make it into her character

and since i not always a fan art artist,this make me more harder to get notice =_______=
and as you can see,eventhough i drew fan art,my drawing style make the character look different.


Monday, April 11, 2011


just got myself a copic paper (thinking wanna go a try on it)

so i draw a miku and kaito inspired by SPICE!

somehow the paper quite ok since its suppose for copic marker user.but i seriously need to improve on my coloring -_________-

miku append version

last night eventhough i was tired like hell but suddenly i have urged to draw something (its doesnt matter if a quick sketch or just a doodle) so i browse around deviantart because i wanna to draw a fan art
so i encounter miku append version,so from there i began drawing~

took me around only 30 minutes and just using a green pencil color but i had to darken it once i scanned inside my computer or else the drawing is not sharp >.<

this is the faster fan art sketch i ever done and its clean XDXD

Friday, April 8, 2011

bored,been playing with my wig

since yesterday i was bored,so i decided to play around with my kagami wig and play with make-up XD

ignored the shirt XD i lazy to changed my cloth that time (since its hot and i was sweating from just only wearing wig -_____________- )


*drum roll please~~~*
At last i finally finish this artwork~ *A*
I shooo happy~~
the background almost kill me OTL
took me more than 30++ hours to finish this from scratch
well,some part i not happy with it but its somehow make me more brave to draw background use multiple color.
wokay~gotta practice on drawing a background *manly face*

Thursday, April 7, 2011


another art commission that i working on right now.

took me around 5 hours to sketch and inked this.But still havent color it yet.The background going to kill me soon OTL

p.s:The OC character is not mine.its belong to one girl name kayleighmurphy in deviantart website.Browse her gallery to view her other OC character ^^

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

new artwork,yeah~~

i open an art commission at deviantart but no one havent ask for commission until last girl ask for art commission.she ask me to draw her OC named Latte.I so happy XD

but i took a long time to finish it due i was stuck drawing panty and stocking for my doujin group.

so,yesterday i manage to finish it

then  she asked for another art commission yesterday,since i was so inspired and in the mood,so i managed to finish it up just now

then this is her second commission,its another OC from her.
Still one more to go.

Friday, April 1, 2011

what happen to me TAT

In this week i dreamt that i found a snake inside my room,the snake try to bite me but i avoided the snake like..2 times...
(in my culture,if you dream about a snake,that means you will get marry soon )

the next day,i told my mom about the dream,she freaked out OAOllll  then ask, either that i have a boyfriend already or not,i replied to her

"I dont have a real boyfriend but i have boyfriend in my DS"

LOL! i cant imagine i said that XDXD

Then my mom ask me to become serious,lol.
I said i dont have any boyfriend or husband candidate =__________= age this year is 23...if according to my cousin..i am on the next line to get marry...*head bang on the wall*

Then last night i dreamt one boy (somehow i cant remember his face) he proposed to me,he gave a flower bracelet,its pretty and its shining,lol.
And i say yes....

Am i that desperate O_o


the scene almost like this 
and yes,i already stop playing TMGS for a while because of i dont know the reason i getting this kind of dream OTL